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Posted By on May 4, 2015

Getting Small town residents big city Internet with Satellite Internet

Large cities tend to have not only the most Internet connection options but the fastest Internet connection options. This is typically because service providers can invest more money into a smaller given area and provide hundreds of thousands, if not several million customers with service. However, this is also why small towns tend to strike out when it comes to receiving any sort of coverage or Internet upgrades. It just makes more financial sense for the company to invest in areas where there are more people. Often times though, this can result in someone going completely without high speed Internet based on where they are located. Having a strong Internet connection is becoming more and more necessary, as business, communication and entertaining is all delivered to a home through a high speed Internet connection. Dial up is not an option that can suffice, which is why it is so important for small town residents who do not have access to the higher speeds skip out on dial up and instead look towards satellite Internet.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet works just like any other kind of Internet connection. It delivered Internet to a home at far higher speeds than dial up. As the satellite Internet connection is a continual connection with a signal, it is classified as broadband. A broadband Internet connection is far superior to anything a dial up can deliver. The maximum modem speed for a dial up is 56 kilobits per second. The top connection speed is much slower than this, as many dial up connection speeds top off at anywhere between 40 and 53. With a broadband service such as satellite, the connection speeds are often at least 10 times faster if not more. Now, it does depend on where the home is located as different Internet connection speeds are obtained based on a few different factors. With that being said though, satellite Internet is always going to be the superior choice over dial up.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet (
) is the primary satellite service provider throughout the country. With the help of this satellite service, it is possible for small town residents to receive the same service as a larger city thanks to the Internet connection. This way, it is possible to enjoy the space of living in a smaller town while still accessing faster Internet.

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Urgent Markets Meets Slow Speeds

Posted By on Apr 29, 2015

The Internet has created a sense of urgency in the last two decades faster than could have been imagined. It has allowed us to connect to each other on a global scale with just a few clicks of a button. This however isn’t the case for Kevin R. Wald and his 235 employees across nine different companies in the rural state of Minnesota. It is assumed that because America is considered a first world country that every inch of our land is blessed with High Speed Internet connection. Guess again. The state of Minnesota is ranked behind Uruguay, Latvia and Qatar, and just ahead of Bulgaria, in terms of Internet connection speeds. To put it in perspective, Minnesota has been recognized as a state since 1858, the last country on the list, Qatar became a country just a mere 44 years ago in 1971.

Businesses in rural Minnesota need the same world-class Internet service currently available in the more heavily populated urban areas. A simple boost in internet connection speed could mean so much to the state of Minnesota. Over the next few years, Kevin R. Wald is looking to grow his workforce from 235 employees to an astounding 400. It will be challenging for him to do that with the internet connection speed that is in place now. Potential workers and families are not going to want to relocate to a place where the internet is blotchy. Moving to a different city is hard enough, but moving to only be ensured that the internet will make it impossible for you to communicate with family and friends back home is cruel. The state of Minnesota should take into account what faster internet speed would do for the entire state, and maybe even the entire Midwest! If Minnesota natives and potential newcomers had access to better internet, ideas, communication, and possibilities could flourish. Individuals with dreams about owning and operating their own businesses could set up shop and bring solid revenue into the state’s pocket. After that happens, tourists are sure to find great curiosity in such small towns with big projects and possibilities!

There is a quaint comfort when it comes to small towns. Everyone is connected, individuals can regularly give back to their communities, and cities can thrive within themselves. For some people, small rural towns are just a starting place. They’ll spark a business venture, make enough money to relocate their business to a more populated city, and they’ll never look back. While there’s nothing wrong with entrepreneurship, there is a high regard to individuals who give back to the places that made them who they are. Kevin R. Wald is one of those few people. The admiration for his state is in the foundation of all 9 of his companies. Just imagine how much of that admiration he could spread if he could connect at the same rate as the rest of the world.

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Vintage shopping can be a fun and rewarding activity. It can help you look good, have fun, and even make some money if that is what you are after. Here are some tips for shopping vintage online:
– Know your brands.
Get to know which brands were big in the 60s if you are looking for a 60s look. When you know the brands to look for, your search will be that much faster. These brand names will serve as key words to aid your search.

– Be the early bird
Good deals are often snatched up early in the morning. Avoid logging on late in the afternoon or evening. Make a point of logging on to your favorite websites in the morning hours to get the first picks. Starting off early in the week is also a good idea. So shrug off those Monday morning blues and get shopping.

– Downsize
Never assume that today’s size 10 is the same as a size 10 forty years ago. You may very well find that vintage dress in ‘your size’ is actually two or three sizes too small. It is a good idea to make sure that the vendor provides a modern day equivalent in size. Just to be sure, get a tape measure and jot down all your important measurements. Provide them to the vendor so that you are sure the dress will fit.

– Fit well
New clothes may be sturdy enough to stretch a little, but 40 year old clothes definitely are not. Make sure that it fits comfortably because if it does not; it will probably rip.

– Get listed
In case you don’t find anything you fancy, ask vendors to put you on their email list. This gives you an opportunity to monitor their stock for anything that might interest you.

– Buy off season
Most people tend to buy winter clothes in winter and summer clothes in summer. Buying off season means you are more likely to get cheaper prices.

– Get your style twin
Identify a vintage vendor whose taste is most comparable to yours.

– Measure to Scale
When buying furnishings and other home items, don’t trust the picture to adequately depict the size of the item. Always measure and scale the item to see how it would fit in your home. Objects can very easily appear smaller or larger than they actually are.

– Get quirky
Genuine antiques are usually not perfect. Wooden furniture will often get warped or have some small defect on it. Sometimes an imperfection can be just the thing to add character to an item.

– Read and learn
Don’t get all excited about online vintage shopping before reading through other shopper’s experiences. It is always cheaper to learn from other people’s mistakes than to make your own. So save yourself the trouble and do some reading first.

– Buy things you love
Don’t buy anything just because it is vintage. It has to be something you love and that fits into your sense of style. It has to be something you are comfortable wearing. For example if you usually hate wearing heels, don’t buy a pair of heels just because it is vintage. You will probably end up not wearing them anyway!

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